Monday, December 18, 2006

Xmas plumpy

We've been spending a lot of time together as a family, which is nice for once. It's christmas break for school so I don't go back to until the beginning of January. We've all been trying to stay productive and fight the urge to shlep away the holiday watching Netflix movies and sipping eggnog by the gallon.

We put up minimal christmas lights outside for two reasons...snow on the roof....and it's tooo cooooold. The house is cozy and Jill does a great job of cooking all kinds of goodies. Sometimes I feel like those families on Edward Scissorhands....same houses...baking cookies....etc. etc. It's nice though. Ryley sure is enjoying all of the new things in the house like the christmas "tchlee" (tree) and the presents that she walks by all day as she eyes the fancy ribbons that grandma affixed to the presents she sent her.

Today we took a family outing to a children's science/play facility downtown and to lunch. When we let her go into the play area with the climbing apparatus's and puppet show items, her eyes lit up and she couldn't stay focused on one thing at a time. It was sensory overload for her I think, but she loved it.

Thank you Lisa and Suzie and grandma for the cards and gifts, we hope you all have a wonderfully peaceful Christmas this year.