Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas PJ's...

One of the things that we all cling to and look forward to all year is family Christmas traditions. One that I remember and long for is the sweet smell of new polyester blend pajamas on Christmas Eve. Our family tradition was to open our pajama gift on Christmas Eve. Why did I enjoy that so much? What is it about the stiff tag in the back, the forgotten packaging needle sticking you in the leg, and the cool new checkered patterns that makes Christmas a little more special? Maybe we can liken it to starting new, taking on a fresh outlook and resolve for the coming year, putting on "new skin", and shedding the old. I've resolved to put on my "new pajamas" this year and have begun my intense "two-a-day" workouts, determined to shed my skin (literally). Jill still has a week to come up with hers... Ryley's resolve is to learn how to use a potty and be a big sister to the new boy. Hopefully you all can make a resolve this year, start now, today so that another day doesn't go by where you are without God's blessings.