Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Other Weird Addictions

I think I have become addicted to vacuuming and possibly other cleaning tasks. Is this possible? I seriously vaccum my upstairs at least once a day. I think it is because our family room is right off our kitchen and Ryley always goes in there with crackers and stuff. Can I just say that I love Windex antibacterial multi-surface cleaner. It works so good and smells good too. Plus it kills germs, which a lot of those cleaners don't do.
I am also addicted to impulse buying. Almost every infomercial that I see, I want the product. I don't buy them, but I sure wouldn't mind having them. And you know how when you go to Target they have that little $1 section in the front....I love that section of random "junk." The display is usually centered around holidays though, so it is kind of fun to look at. And hey, it is only $1!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Food Frienzy

I think I am addicted to food. I mean, I know everyone is addicted to food in a small way because we depend on it for our survival. But some days I really think I am addicted to it. There are times that I think about it constantly. Before I go to bed at night I think about what I am going to eat for breakfast. After breakfast I think about what I will eat for lunch and I do the same for dinner. Maybe it is just because I am pregnant, maybe it is just because I love food!!
That being said, no I haven't gained 50 pounds this pregnancy. But I have gained a healthy 20 pounds already. I figure I am right on track if I gain a pound or less a week until the baby is born. If I gain more than that, then CRAP, I will have a lot of work to do when this is over! I can't imagine those women who gain 70-80 pounds. You've all heard about them, right? That is just insane to me. I just saw a commercial for Weight Watchers, (or Jenny Craig, or one of those) where Jenny McCarthy was saying how she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy. She said she was hoping she would have a 60 pound baby. The only difference with the stars gaining weight when they are pregnant is that they know when it is all over they can hire a personal trainer, a nanny, and a personal chef. If we could all be so lucky! I can't say I blame them though seeing it is the only time they can actually eat anything!
Scott is busy with school and with new projects. He is currently working on an add for the new Apple iphone. He has to design an add for the iphone, and if his design gets picked he will win a new Apple ipod. I personally think he should win a new iphone..but hey, that's still pretty cool.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

End of January Already!!

I can't believe it is already the end of January. Where does the time go?
I figured I had better write something since it has been so long. I wonder if anybody reads our blog enough to notice.
So, today I had a doctor appointment to check up on my pregnancy. I am almost at week 30...hooray. Only 2 1/2 months left. Everything is well and the baby seems to be right on track as far as growth goes. I have another ultrasound in a week to check on the baby and his growth so we will know more then. It will be so interesting to see how Ryley does with a new little baby. I'm sure she will be so excited. I am trying to teach her to be "gentle" with our dog Obi and hopefully it will help when the new baby comes.
Not much is going on here. Scott's mom is having back surgery tomorrow so we will be thinking of her and praying for her. They told her the recovery time will be 12 weeks!! I can't imagine that. Hopefully she will be up and around much sooner than that.
I took some cute pictures of Ryley the other day, so I need to post those.
Okay, sorry for the boring update...whoever is reading this.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eating Snow

Here are some more pictures. This is the snow we had before Christmas. Ryley sure did love to eat it!! In fact, she couldn't get it in her gloves well enough, so she started to just put her face in the snow.


Today I put Ryley's hair in pigtails for the first time. It is so cute, and they really do look like little pig's tails...all curled up. She looks so grown up with this new hair do.
Now I have to master the art of making a perfect part. It is hard when they are so squirmy.
There isn't anything too exciting going on around here. Scott is back to school and is pretty busy. He is getting plenty of exercise with his gym/weight class and by playing on the church basketball team. Ryley and I went to one of the games a few nights ago. She liked to run around with the other kids on the stage.
Ryley and I are trying to keep busy. We try to have "learning" time each day and have been listening to her new Laurie Berkner cd's she got for Christmas. The songs she sings are so fun to sing and dance to.
Alrighty, I need to go start dinner. We hope you all enjoy the new pictures.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Sloth, Gluttony and Football

This time of year I really feel like most of what we do is lay around, eat and watch football. I love it. Today is especially big because there are so many good bowl games on. Scott and I are rooting for Boise in the Fiesta bowl and Michigan in the Rose bowl. Last night we were happy that our Seahawks and 49ers won!
There is something satisfying about a routine or a set schedule. As nice as the holidays and the slothfulness have been, we are anxious to get back to our normal routine.
We hope everyone has a very happy and healthy new year. Don't forget those resolutions!!