Wednesday, August 29, 2007

YOU WHAT!!!!!!????

The other night my dear, lovely husband spilled part of his protein shake on our laptop and heard a "fizzle" sound. So, we let it dry out for a day but it still doesn't work. It turns on, but the screen is blank. Are you kidding me?? Now I have to go on his Apple laptop to do anything. It's not that I don't like Apple, it's just that I'm not used to it and the screen is so small I have a hard time typing. So I haven't blogged or looked at any blogs in a few days. Usually I am glued to my computer. I guess I better take it in and have it looked at. To top it all off, Ryley threw our new phone in a pool of water on our deck chair and now the screen doesnt work either! What is up with that?
Hooray for the 3 day weekend coming up! We are going to Seattle and hubby and I are going to stay in a hotel downtown on Friday WITHOUT the kids. Scott's mom is taking them for the night. I am positive I will need a sleeping pill since I am such a light sleeper now. And I am definitely not forgetting my ear plugs or eye mask, keep the darkness out, sleeper thing. Oh, and we made sure the hotel has a hot tub and gym. I seriously can't wait. We have been planning our itinerary for weeks now.
Okay, this is the funniest thing, or saddest thing, I have ever seen. Tell me what you think. I think we should help the children "in the Iraq" too.

Friday, August 24, 2007


My daughter is 2 years old today! I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. It was just such a sweet day and I am crying just thinking about it. She was 3 days late, so I got induced. I remember being very scared because it was my first and I had no idea what to expect. Everything went very smooth and I thought she looked like a little angel when she came out. That day my mother in law gave me a dozen pink roses and I had them dried and in Ryley's room until a couple of weeks ago. Ryley decided she wanted to pull all the leaves and petals off. What a mess! But I was more sad that they were gone because of their sentimental value. I wonder if I have a picture of them somewhere. I'm sure I do. I will have to post it.

Here is the day we came home from the hospital. I can't believe how small she looks and how tired we both look.

Ryley hasn't had a very good day so far. She has had a little diarrhea and got stung by a bee at the park. We went to the park with a bunch of her friends for a joint party with her friend Ana. It was so cute. I brought rainbow chip cupcakes. Those were my childhood favorite and still are.
Tomorrow we are having some family over and having an Elmo cake. It should be fun and hopefully she will be feeling a little better. Happy birthday baby! I love you!!!
While I was looking at Ryley's baby pictures I found this one of my hottie husband! Nice huh?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's JUST a Refill!!!!

Okay, remember when refills on your soda used to be like $.25!! I went to the gas station the other day to get my cup refilled because I LOVE fountain soda, and it was over $1.00! I was like, uh, hello, I have MY OWN cup and it only costs you guys like 2 cents for this crap. I even had to take a few pennies from the penny jar because I had what I thought was enough change. I felt like such a dork. So, today I went to this place right around the corner from me and they only charged me $.50. Whew! That is a little better.

Can you tell I have nothing exciting to blog about?

Oh, more poop and pee news. Ryley has been waking up at the crack of dawn lately (for me anyway); like around 7am. It is so early for me. So this morning she wakes up at 6:45 and I was like, uh, I don't think so. But I figured it out. She has to go to the bathroom and doesn't want to pee in her diaper. Personally, I would rather have her pee her bed just to get the extra sleep. Actually, she has done that plenty of times when she takes off her diaper (we had to start using duct tape) and it is way too much work to pull off all the sheets and blankets and wash them every day.

Here is the poop news: So we went swimming today with her little friend Ana (Ah-na). Next thing I know she has pooped in her stinkin' "swimmer" diaper. As you may or may not know, those diapers are like pull ups, so when you pull them down all the poop falls out. That is exactly what happened when I tried to change her. It was disgusting! So, some of the poop falls on the counter, and I am like, oh crap (no pun intended). So I have to get a paper towel and scoop up the poop. Then I felt really bad because I didn't have any of my handy sanitizing wipes with me, so I put a bunch of soap on the counter and tried to wash it. Then I had to put Ryley in the sink because there was poop all over her and....yuck yuck yuck!!!
This, my friends, is my life in a nutshell!!

Do you use the word "pop" or "soda" when describing a carbonated drink? Check out this survey....

I used to say pop until my good friend Swishy looked at me like I was crazy. According to her, the proper term is "soda."

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Its Potty Time

I was tempted to have half of my leftover cheeseburger for breakfast, but instead I decided on half of the sugar cookie I bought Ryley. Pathetic! So much for my healthy eating habits for the day.

Here is what I have been dealing with lately, and maybe this can explain my stressed out eating habits:

.....A little girl who is potty training, but won't keep a diaper or panties on. So she pretty much walks around naked all day unless we have to go somewhere. Potty training is the worst! She does really well one minute and then the next she is peeing all over the kitchen floor (or pooping on the stairs). The other day she pooped once in the toilet, once on the stairs, once outside, and once in her diaper! I couldn't believe it. I have a pooping machine on my hands. Maybe I should stop giving her the Fiber Choice chewable strawberry tablets that we call vitamins, but she probably really thinks they are candy. Okay, so back to the pooping outside....I am SO embarassed. I hope the neighbors didn't see. At least it was in the back yard. She was probably trying to copy our dog, just like she eats out of his dog bowl and drinks his water just. like. a. dog!


Mr. Sandman

Do you ever have such weird dreams that you wish you could connect an AV cable to your brain and replay them on TV? Oh man oh man, I had the weirdest dream last night. It was so embarrassing though I can't even repeat it. And how does our mind come up with these dreams anyway? I always remember my dreams too and they are very detailed.
Scott sleeps with his eyes half open sometimes. Whatever it is he sees he will be full on dreaming about it.
What is the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Little Piece of Heaven

Yesterday Scott took the day off of work so that I could go out and do whatever I wanted WITHOUT THE KIDS!! Oh my gosh, I couldn't decide what to do first. Well, first actually I had to take Kirye in to get his ear checked out. He has had ear infection after ear infection. Poor little guy. So, this last one has cleared up, but if it is like the past, he will get another one in a few days. Both Scott and I had bad ear infections as kids, and I even had tubes. Hopefully he will outgrow this and won't have to get tubes. Anyway...where was I...oh, so I took him to the dr. and then we made a quick trip to Costco for mega packs of diapers and wipes. My life is so interesting. After that Scott met me and took the kids and I went to lunch by MYSELF. It was so nice. I just sat there and read the paper and enjoyed my meal without having to clean a messy 2 year old or cut up any food or get a sippy cup of juice. It was lovely. Then I went and got a pedicure. Oh my gosh...I haven't had one since Kirye was born, over 4 months ago. Oh, it was soooo relaxing. I just read People magazine and sat there in the awesome massage chair. I wish I could do that every week. My feet look so pretty now. I should take a picture. I think I will!

After my pedicure I went to the grocery store because anyone that has kids knows how hard it is to go grocery shopping with them. Ryley likes to open whatever I put in the cart (including brown sugar) and start eating it. So, I always end up hiding items on top of Kirye. I'm sure I am violating some kind of child abuse law.

After the grocery store I came home, put my ear plugs in and took a nap. Overall it was a great day. I did not, however, have a great night. I was in and out of bed at least 7 times in the night with the baby. I wish I knew what was going on with him!

So, here are some recent pictures of Kirye and Ryley. We had a friend come over on his motorcycle and Ryley tried his helmet on. It was so funny because she would tip over from the weight of it!
Ewww....I just clicked on the picture of my feet and you can see the dog hair on our carpet. I need to vacuum!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Where are all my BB8 fans at? Can I just tell you how completely sad I am that Nick went home tonight! I can not believe it? People in that house are dumb sometimes. As my sister would say, "I am in depression right now."
Speaking of depression, I read an article on CNN talking about the depression that people might face after they finish reading Harry Potter. It gave me a good laugh. I am only on book 6 and I am dying to finish them. I want to know what happens and I live in fear everyday that I will hear or read something about book 7!!