Thursday, December 21, 2006

Game Day

Tonight BYU is playing Oregon in the Las Vegas bowl, and then an hour later Gonzaga is playing Duke. It is a sports night for us!! So far BYU is up 17-0! Go Cougars!!
Well, I didn't make my nachos yesterday. That's okay. I'm sure we will make them sometime over the Christmas break.
Today Ryley and I went over to my sister Nicole's house and helped her and her kids decorate a gingerbread train. It turned out soooo cute. Ryley loved to eat the candy, and at one point I found at least 3 gumdrops in her mouth! Tonight she is really hyper, to say the least.
We got snow last night so I am hoping for a white Christmas. Although, I did see that it was supposed to be about 40 degrees on Monday. So, the snow will probably all be melted by then.