Saturday, November 11, 2006

The first of many...

Hi everyone. Scott, Jill and Ryley are settling in for the long winter here in the great Northwest. Scott's studying Visual Communications through Eastern Washington University. He'll be working in the advertising and design industry. This could mean designing blockbuster movie graphics or simply working in a design studio creating ad campaigns for any size company. That's it in a nutshell...

Jill has been fantastic lately, taking care of Ryley during the day. She takes her on "field trips" to the library, the park, aunt Nicole's house, or simply cuddles with her while they watch Blue's Clues. I'm very glad to come home after an 8-10 hour day of studying to be with them.

Ryley is now walking on her own. She'll take a tumble then get right back up and keep going. She is sooo proud of herself when she does. She's very aware of her surroundings, reads books on her own, and tells us via sign language when she's thirsty, and then "thank you" gesture. She's 16 months now and is anxiously awaiting her baby brother Kiraly (spelling is under consideration).


Grandma said...

Hey...the new site looks awesome. Good job Zinns!

Thanks for the pictures of the littlest Zinn and what can we say about our little Ryley....she's the cutest!

Grandma is busy baking, bakiing and more baking. Its pretty quiet around here without all of you around. But, I'm already planning for next year! Get ready Lisa and Susie...because you know I want you to be here next year! :-)

We have had some crazy months here in Western Washington. We've had snow, ice, wind, and now rain. Its been so crazy, there is a contest on the news to name the storm that debilitated the state a few weeks ago. Some people are still without power! I'm thankful I wasn't one of them.

PJ and I are going to look at the lights tonight. Kathy is off with her mom, so just the two of us. Hopefully, there will be power where we are going. Just in case there isn't, I'm taking a care package to give to someone with no power. I have the logs from the retreat in September, an extra flashlight, some canned goods and blankets. If we come across someone with no power, I'm going to walk up to the door and leave it for them. Just call me 'Grandma Santa'!

Other than that, my life is pretty boring. Missing my little family this holiday but looking forward to next year when I hope...we will all be together!

Love to everyone!