Friday, September 26, 2008

Dark Chocolate Chex Mix

Has anyone tasted the new dark chocolate chex mix? I really like it and here's why....the normal sweet and salty mixes are good, but they have way too many plain, calorie wasting pretzels in them. The dark chocolate chex mix still has the pretzels in it, but they are covered in dark chocolate. See the difference? Before I would have to sift through and take out all the pretzels. Now I can just dig right in! Thanks General Mills.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conversation with Dad

Dad: Ryley, I just told you last night not to play with the outlets. There is fire in there and it could come out and GET YOU!
Ryley: I don't want it to come out and get me.
Dad: Then don't play with the outlets.
Ryley: There's fire in that hole in there?
Dad: Yup

Boy, I love how we scare our kids. The other day I told Ryley if she kept swallowing her gum she would get bugs in her tummy.


I found these pictures on my camera the other day. It looks like we have a photographer on our hands. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Hobby???

I thought I would post a little about our vacation to Mammoth Lakes, CA. First of all, it was so great that my mom was able to drive over and watch the kids for 5 days. I can't even tell you how fabulous it was to not worry one single minute about my kids. The whole vacation I was so relaxed and at ease knowing they were in good hands.

We left on a Wednesday and flew in to Reno. When we got the directions to Mammoth the night before I thought the drive would only be about 1 1/2-2 hours. Well, turns out it actually takes about 3 hours because of the highway and going through small towns with the slower speed limits. Ugh. Actually, I can't complain at all because it was so nice to just drive and not have to worry about the kids in the back screaming. We just listened to music and talked and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

The next day our friends weren't getting in until later that afternoon, so Scott and I decided to go mountain biking. Mammoth Lakes is a ski resort in the winter and a big mountain biking resort in the summer. We rented some bikes and got our gondola passes. The gondola ride was only about 10 minutes, and when we got to the top we were at 11,000 feet. We had a map and we were prepared to go down an easy trail, considering we are both novice mountain bikers.

Here is a picture of us at the top, ready to take on the mountain!!

So, remember that "easy" trail we thought we would go down? Unexpectedly, we happened to get on another trail which ended up being a more difficult one. It was frustrating because none of the trails were marked that well, so we just had to guess which one we were on from the map. Scott and I had a great time going down the mountain. I was braking practically the whole time down. It was so steep and really rocky. I felt this great rush though and I feel like I can truly appreciate the passion true mountain bikers have.
At one point as we were going down the mountain and there was a lot of loose gravel type rocks. Well, I totally bit the dust and went flying over my handlebars and skidded on the rocks for a few feet. Luckily I didn't get hurt, only a few scratches. I just felt stupid. Scott of course was instantly frantic and rushed to my side! Actually, he just laughed and took a picture.

We had such a great time mountain biking. I can't wait to go again! Maybe next time I will be a little more prepared for the steep trails and wear protective padding.


I got all excited because I thought Ellen started her new season today, but I think it started last week! I can't believe I missed a week of her show. I never miss a day, but since we were on vacation and getting back in to things, I must've just missed it. This morning I set my dvr so no show will be left behind. Jason Lezak is on the show today. How cool is that!
Oh Ellen, how I love you. You always make me laugh and put a skip in my step. Some days I may not be able to watch you until 11pm, but don't you worry, I always make sure to squeeze you in! Happy 6th season! I can't wait to see what this year will bring. OH, and I WILL win one of your 12 days of Christmas this year!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Bed and New Stash

Ryley got a new twin size bed for her birthday...thanks to grandma and grandpa!! She loves it and so do I. Before that we just had her sleeping on the spare bed which was a queen. It was too big for her room and too big for her. When we bought the bed we were looking at head boards, but they were a little too expensive to buy right now, so I just decided I would hold off and maybe find one at a garage sale. Well, today I found one at our local thrift store for $8! It literally looks brand new. It is white rod iron and I think it looks great. It may not be my first choice of Pottery Barn Kids, but it works and I think it looks cute in her pink room. Now I just have to get a comforter and bedskirt, which my mom might make. I also think I might spray paint the gold bed knobs or possibly get new ones. The gold just isn't working for me.

While we were on vacation Scott decided to sport a new look...the "beard." It doesn't grow in great since he doesn't have dark facial hair, but it was kind of cute, in a "Shaggy" sort of way. Oh wait, I don't think Shaggy is cute, so I guess I didn't really like it after all. Today he shaved it. It was too scratchy for me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

When Mom is sick....

**I still have to roll out of bed and try to function as normally as possible.

**The kids get hamburger helper for dinner

**I get the pleasure of finding my rolling pin outside in the grass next to Obi's doo doo....I sure hope they weren't doing what I think they were doing.

Birthday Part II

The weekend of Ryley's actual birthday we were in Seattle visiting my grandparents. My mom and dad drove here and picked me and the kids up. Poor Scott had to stay home and work. We went over for the weekend and met up with Scott's mom on Sunday, which was Ryley's birthday. It was fun because she took her to the aquarium and brought her presents. The kids loved the aquarium and Ryle even had her face painted. Here are a few more pictures.
At the hotel with the cake Grandpa bought. Looks good!

With her cousins Abby and Kaylee.

Blowing out the candles.

Grandma made her wear this silly hat

Showing off her necklace...

Here's a better look, but no smile.

She instantly had to try on her new raincoat from Grandma.

Getting her face painted at the aquarium.
It was an octopus that covered half of her face!

My little princess. By the pier, looking at al that water!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ryley's Birthday

Okay, so I know her birthday was 3 weeks ago, but a lot has been going on and I haven't had time to post anything. My little baby turned 3! I can't believe it! We had a great time with friends and family over. She was so excited and kept talking about her princess cake and how she would get to blow out the candles.
Our friends gave her some princess shoes which she wears everywhere, even to the grocery store. It is actually quite cute and I can't believe how many people comment on them. Usually though, I only let her wear them if I know we are going to be in and out fairly quick. They aren't the best shoes for walking in, and have absolutely no traction.
A few of Ryley's favorite things right now are:
1) Oatmeal and grape nuts
2) Lip gloss
3) Princess shoes and dress up clothes
4) Sours (she calls sour patch kids or similar candy sours)
5) Playing with her cousin Abby and her friends Lei lei, Melia, and Nohea
6) Her barbie playhouse
7) Reading books and going to the library
8) Saying prayers
9) Going for drives
10) Cartoons
11) Being sassy and saying OH. MY. GOSH. (I am trying to get her to say oh my goodness instead).

Here are a few pictures of her special day!


Strike a pose!

Her princess cake. It was tiny, but we had another sheet cake for everyone.
Ryley's friend, Nohea, who has the same curly hair as she does.

Whoa! What is daddy doing?

Some friends and cousins.

Kirye was lovin' it!

Go Ryley! Happy Birthday sis!

Opening presents.

OH. MY. GOSH. Princess shoes!!

Her favorite present.

Standing next to the sign daddy drew for her. Pretty cool, huh?