Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ground Control to Major Tom...

As the sun sets over the culmination of consumer spending, Christmas is now behind us for another year. This year was great for us, we spent Christmas Eve in church, gave eachother practical, inexpensive gifts, and really enjoyed Ryley's twinkling eyes as she saw her new jungle gym/ball room on Christmas morning. That's what it was all about. The memories from this year will be of spending time with Jill's family, talking with nieces and nephews about reindeer tracks in the snow and where to find them, all of the scrumptious food (even though I started my workout program weeks ago), and Ryley putting her finger in Obi's bum...he got his Christmas goose! Now, reality sets in and school begins again. We have our baby boy due in April to look forward to, and maybe we'll find some pants for Obi for his protection from Ryley. We hope everyone had a great Christmas, and by that I don't mean the meaningless well wishes that don't require any thought beyond saying the words, I mean, we really hope everyone enjoyed the company of their loved ones (as time and circumstance allowed) and that everyone we know felt and perhaps pondered the true spirit of Christmas...and it brought you peace...even for one day.