Friday, September 28, 2007

Need A Baby Sitter?

Save time! Call: The Babysitters Club and reach four experienced baby-sitters.
Kristy Thomas: President
Claudia Kish, Vice-President
Mary Anne Spier, Secretary
Stacey McGill, Treasurer

back to that in a minute...

i am in montana right now visiting my parents. i decided to drive over here and bring the kids with me so scott could get a break for a few days, have the house to himself, and de-stress. i'm sure he is loving a quiet, clean house, with no whiny kids to deal with. but i'm sure he also misses us...maybe. :)

so, i am at home in my old room and i found a great treasure...all of my babysitters club books. you all know what books i am talking about, even if you are older i'm sure your kids read them. those were the greatest books. i was so tempted to pick one up and start from book #1. remember how they were all numbered? here are just a few funny title's:

stacey's big crush #65
kristy and the snobs #11
claudia and mean janine #7
mary anne saves the day #4
dawn saves the planet #57

man, these tweeny bops sound like they have all sorts of super power. i am actually laughing at myself right now because i would probably really enjoy reading these books again! i remember i always wanted to be stacey because she was cute and had pretty long blond hair, and i ALWAYS wanted my name to be stacey, or cindy.

i also found the babysitters club post card book with "30 full-color postcards for you to collect or send"! it's funny how they say "full-color" like that is some crazy new phenomenon. so, if you want me to send you one just leave me your address.
oh, by the way, my parent's left shift key on the keyboard doesn't work, which is why nothing is capitalized. doh!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


So Jill has gone to Montana for the week with the kids, leaving me here to cook my own food, clean up after myself, and otherwise be responsible. I have to admit, (with a hint of man giggles in my voice, that I am enjoying every minute of it. If leaving dirty socks on the floor, eating licorice for dinner, then drinking straight from the juice jug is wrong...I dont want to be right!! I feel a hint of guilt for saying that, I do absolutly adore my family, and miss them, but it's true, I love it.

I've been staying at school and getting things done all week so that I can come home and really relax. Today I came home and watched a whole football game (Southern Miss. @ Boise State)....AND FELL ASLEEP!!! It was like being retired!! I had to get up though out of guilt. I did 6 push-ups, played with the dog for 6 seconds, ate 6 more pieces of licorice, then rocked out to Our Lady Peace for about 6 hours!! Sweet...just sweet. I miss my daughters "Daggy?" beckon though....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Blue Eyes

How will I ever be able to get mad at a face like this!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday Pictures

Here are a few pics from Ryley's birthday. She LOVED her Elmo cake....or at least the frosting. She must take after me because I love cake frosting too!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I have my own little Popeye in the house. This morning I made Ryley a spinach smoothie. You heard it right folks...spinach, as in the leafy greens Popeye ate. It was so good too. I put ice, water, milk, a few frozen strawberries, a couple of Equal packets, half a scoop of protein powder, and some spinach. Ryley has been doing better eating her veggies, but I knew this method would work for sure.

Other random happenings:

Ryley can officially open the pantry door and the refrigerator. So, you know what that means:


I know it looks totally tacky, but I am not ready to deal with this right now. So, the infamous child proof door knobs and lock on the fridge. Hey, maybe this will help my diet!!

My favorite song right now is Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie. I just LOVE it. It puts me in such a good mood and I just want to run around and sing as loud as I can. I love blasting it in the car when I am without the kiddies.

Big Brother 8 is getting sooo good. I am addicted to that show. I will be so sad when it is over in a few weeks. But to ease my pain I'm sure I will quickly become attached to a new reality show or the new season of Grey's (hopefully if it doesn't flop...I am totally praying this year it will be as good as the first season, but I am definitely having my doubts).

Why is it that blogger NEVER remembers me? It says "remember me?" but it never does. How annoying.

Ellen has started her new season. I totally forgot until today. I love love love her. I record it every day and then try to watch it when I work out. I WILL get Kirye on with his crazy hair, or at least a picture of him. Wouldn't that be cool?

The View has also returned with new co hosts. Whoopi and Sherri Shepherd, who is freakin' hilarious! She is seriously one of the funniest female comedians. Every time I watch her I die laughing.

Okay, it totally sounds like I watch a lot of tv, but I don't. All of my shows are on my dvr and I pretty much just watch them when I can. I watch a lot of them when I work out. It really helps my time on the tread mill go by so much faster.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Battle Wound

All I hear is a blood curling scream and I run over to the baby. RYLEY! WHAT DID YOU DO???!!! Oh, for the love. (I suppose the baby could have done this by himself with his nails, but I just clipped them).

Look at that cute little face. I wish he could stay this innocent forever.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I didn't mean to send my last post because I wasn't finished, but I guess it saved and posted anyway. Oh well.
So, back to Seattle. Ryley got spoiled to death by Grandma. I'm not even kidding when I heard this at 9:30 in the morning..."Do you want an ice cream cone?" I about flipped a lid!! Grandma was insisting it was going to be just the cone, no ice cream...but still, come on!
This weekend we rented Wild Hogs and Blades of Glory. Both of them were hilarious. Scott especially loved Wild Hogs and now wants to go on a motorcycle trip across country with his best friend. I asked him if he has ever ridden a motorcycle before and he said no. Uh, okay man, go for it. Just don't get yourself killed and leave me at home a single mom with 2 little kids to raise.
Kai Kai is officially rolling over. He has rolled over about 4 times today. Tomorrow is his 5th month birthday. I went and saw my friend who just had a baby a week ago. I couldn't believe how small her baby was, but then I remembered Kirye used to be that small, and it was only 5 months ago! My little baby is growing up right before my eyes.
The Biggest Loser started last night, kind of. It was a recap of a lot of the popular people from past shows. It had them on to see if they had kept the weight off. Most of them had, kind of, but you could tell they had definitely gained back a little from the finale shows. The Biggest Loser is one of my favorite shows. It is so motivating. I am such a hypocrite though because I will be watching it while eating a big bowl of ice cream and thinking how nice it would be to live on a ranch and have 6 hours a day to work out! more thing about Seattle. I was AMAZED at all the people I saw wearing skinny leg jeans. I mean, I understand they are the "in" thing right now, but that doesn't mean that everyone should be wearing them. And I'm not just talking about girls here people. There were a lot of guys wearing them too. The majority of people did NOT look good in them. I just really don't understand how those jeans do anything for anyone besides little Asian girls or tall 6 foot models.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, we are back from Seattle. We had a lot of fun. Scott and I dropped the kids off at Grandmas and took off for downtown. We went out to dinner, we walked around the city, we went to a movie. It was so great and so rejuvinating. The next morning we walked around the city some more and did the Seattle underground tour, which was totally cool. We also went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and got some really great chocolates. They had this ginormous peanut butter cup, and I'm not even kidding, it took us until tonight to finish! I just loved being downtown. There was so much to do and see. We could have stayed for another couple of nights.