Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have nothing to say

I've been thinking and thinking about what I can blog about, but I honestly have nothing to talk about. Shocking isn't it??? Okay, well I guess I can blab about my kids. Today we went to the dentist and Ryley got her front teeth checked out. About 3 months ago she bumped her mouth and her front teeth. It didn't kill the root, but it damaged the teeth and they are a purplish/gray color. So she got x-rays this morning on them to see if they were getting worse or better. The dentist said that her body is trying to reject the teeth, just like your body rejects a sliver and tries to push it out. Basically she has to have her teeth drilled in to and they are going to take out the damaged part and fill it. I do not know all the correct terms, so this might sound a little funny. I guess in a way it is kind of like a root canal, but it isn't fully in to the root.

I started my no sugar diet again and I am a grump! I never diet, but I like to limit my sugar intake. This summer I kind of slacked off a bit since I was running so much. Well, now that it is cold and dark out in the mornings I am not running outside as much or as long (back to the treadmill for me)! So, not as much running means I can't justify eating whatever I want. Which means I go all week with no extra sugar from treats or candy, and then on Sunday I can eat whatever treat (or treats) I want. Yeah! It is my favorite day. I feel really good when I do this, not only physically, but also mentally. I am a huge sugar person, so just knowing in my mind that I can do this makes me stronger.

What else...Scott is going full speed ahead with school, work, exercising, church stuff. He is a busy man. I am hoping this weekend he will have a little time to go to the pumpkin patch with the kids and I. The kids love that place and it is always fun to take cute pictures and drink hot cider.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kath and Kim

Does anyone else think that new show Kath and Kim looks hilarious! I can't wait to watch it and see if it's funny or stupid. All of the commercials for it are really funny, and I love Molly Shannon, so we'll see.
Oh crap! I just read some reviews and they aren't good!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Half Marathon

Well I DID IT!! I ran my first half marathon on Saturday. That is 13.1 miles folks! I feel like I have been training all summer for this. It was a great race, but it was raining the first 7 or 8 miles, so my feet were wet the whole way. I finished in 1:41, which I was pretty happy with. I have been training at about 8-8:30 minute miles, so by my time I was running about 7:45 minute miles. I felt like the race wasn't organized that well though. They didn't even have gatorade at the mile markers, which is odd for a race that long. Scott, his mom, and the kids were at the finish line waiting for me. It was so good to see them there cheering. I just looked at the results online and I placed 31st out of 200 runners (that includes men and women); 5th place out of the 107 female runners, 2nd in my age group. I was only 4 minutes behind the female winner. Oh man, if I would've known maybe I could have pushed it a little harder (Scott just calculated that I would have had to run 19 seconds faster per mile). The course was so hard though! There were a ton of hills, and at one point there was a major hill on a gravel. It was pretty bad. A lot of people had to walk up it.
After the race we went around Greenbluff, which is an area of small family farms with apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy, so we didn't want to stay long. Ryley had fun going through a corn maze with dad. I will have to post pictures when my mother in law sends them. I think we will go again in a few weeks so we can enjoy ourselves a bit more.
Back to the grind tomorrow. Where do the weekends go! Ugh.