Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh Deer!

This morning on my run I saw one deer cross the street. I guess when the others saw that it was okay they all followed. All 16 of them! I couldn't believe it! And at the end was a little baby. It was so serene and just made me happy that I was outside enjoying God's glory.
So, one thing I have noticed while running is the insane amount of litter, more specifically beer cans! What is up with that? Why beer cans? Does it have something to do with the fact that they don't want to get caught with the evidence. I just don't get it.

This weekend I am going to attempt to drive to Seattle with the kids, ALL BY MYSELF! It is only a 4 hour drive, but still. Just the thought makes me nauseous. But...we really need to get away, and Scott needs some time to himself. He has been so busy with work and school and I really want to just give him a little break.
And I am hoping to get a small shopping break while I am there. I really need some summer clothes...even though it is nowhere near summer weather here! (Don't even get me started)!
Last summer I had just had Kirye so I wasn't in a "shopping" mood with the added baby weight. I am excited to go through my closet and get rid of clothes that I never wear, but keep, "just in case." Well, I am not keeping them anymore. If I haven't worn them in 2 years, I am not going to wear them ever.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's My Name?

The last few weeks Ryley has been calling me "Jill" and dad, "Scott." I have to admit, it is pretty funny when she says it, but I don't laugh, because I don't want her to think it is something she should be doing on a regular basis. She sounds so grown up when she does it though. The other day she said, "Hey Jill, where's Scott?" She also calls for me down the stairs after her nap by yelling out my name, not mommy. Where did she get it from? I think it probably finally clicked what our real names are and she wants to use them. I don't know.
Yesterday, on three separate occasions, Kirye put his hands in the toilet. Ugh. The first time was at the dentist's office when I was trying to help Ryley wash her hands. I caught him playing in the water. Gross. The second time was at our house when I forgot to put the toilet down. Ew. And the third time was in Ryley's little potty (which she still uses by the way, even though she has been potty trained for months now) after she had just peed in it and I didn't have time to dump it yet. Yuck.
Kirye is walking all around now. It still shocks me because he just learned so fast. It seems like Ryley took a lot longer to get the hang of it. Everyday he has gotten better and better at it, and now it seems he walks more than he crawls. My little baby is growing up. It is so funny though because he walks with his hands raised above his head and it just cracks me up.
I still have to post pictures of his 1st birthday. I am just being lazy and I haven't put new batteries in my camera.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Buddy!!

A few hours old after his bath.

One day old

Today is Kirye's 1st birthday! I can't believe already a year has gone by. The day he was born was so amazing. It was Easter weekend and it was so beautiful outside. He came in to the world looking like a little surfer dude. And he was the best baby! He never cried and slept so great!

He is just so sweet and means the world to me. He can do nothing wrong, even when he is whiny. And he is taking about 15 steps. It is so fun to see him walk. He is also going up and down the stairs and waving. Pretty soon he will be running all over with Ryley and trying to jump from the coffee table to the couch!

We had a fun little birthday party for him. It was so funny because when he was eating his cake he kept rubbing his face, but he had chocolate frosting all over his hands. So his whole face was covered in chocolate. I am going to post some pictures tomorrow.

Happy birthday buddy! I love you!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I am so excited for my brother in law, Ryan! Tuesday in Spokane they had casting calls for the tv show Deal or No Deal. So he went down to where they were having the casting calls. He had to stand outside in line for 2 1/2 hours and then once he got inside there were still hours in line before he got to the first "audition."
The audition was 10 contestants around the table and they each had 20 seconds to sell themselves. Ryan introduced himself by by saying something like, "I am Ryan, I work for a home investing company, I am a cancer survivor and had 2 stem cell transplants and my most embarrassing story is when I was in 7th grade wrestling and going to weigh in. The older boys told me to go to the weight room and weigh in, but I was in my whitie tidies and when I went in the weight room there wasn't a scale, just the 8th grade girls."
Ryan went with his friend and at their table they were the only ones to go to the next round. Ryan said probably less than 1 in 10 people made it to the second round. He had to wait in line again for awhile and then it was the same setup with the casting directors. He and another girl got asked to stay. They really liked him and asked him to return the next night to do a demo tape. He had to bring with him 4-6 supporters and they basically filmed a mock demo tape. I guess it was totally awesome and emotional. In the end he won $245,000 fake dollars. They said they are going to send his demo tape on to NBC. The earliest he could find out is June, but the latest could be a year from now!
Holy crap! I am just so excited for them. First of all, because I love Deal or No Deal, and secondly, because if he got on the show and won some money, him and my sister would totally deserve it. They can't have children naturally so they are going to have to adopt, which requires a lot of funds. I will keep you updated. I hope he makes it and that he brings me with him to LA! I would go crazy if I was in the audience. I would be so nervous!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We had a great Easter, even though it snowed on Friday! Luckily it mostly all melted and Ryley was able to participate in her first Easter egg hunt. It was so crazy. There were so many kids there. They had them divided up in to different age groups. Ryley was with the 0-4 group. As soon as the horn sounded she took off and collected about a dozen hard boiled eggs. I couldn't believe how many real dyed eggs they had. There had to have been over a thousand.

She got an American Girl doll from Scott's mom's friend. Actually, Kirye got one too. They are the Bitty Baby twins, and they are so cute. The little boy baby doll looks like Kirye because he has a head full of blond hair.

Scott's mom was here for the weekend, so that made Easter a lot more fun to celebrate. I have always loved Easter. I love the egg hunts, the baskets, the cute dresses, going to church and having ham!! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

The kids with Grandma Dee (Scott's mom).
One of the fun "treats" in the Easter baskets.

Kirye with his new baby doll.

Eating the doll's shoe.

Ryley showing off in her Easter dress.

Little munchkins!

Look what I found!

The fam

With the creepy Easter bunny.

The bitty baby twins.

She went on the only patch of snow on the field.

The eggs were nice and cold.

A basket full of eggs.