Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bo Duke, Is that You?

I just saw a dude get out of his car like one of the guys on Dukes of Hazzard! He sped up to the curve and jumped out his window. He was staring at me after he got out like it was normal for someone to do that.

Other random nothingness....the other day Ryley was watching Go Diego, while I was in the other room. I kept hearing random quotes like "I really have to go" and "I can't hold it any longer." I was thinking to myself that they couldn't possibly be talking about what I thought they were. Wrong. It was the most random episode ever. Here is the summary:

After the wind blows away Abuelito's strawberries, Alicia and Diego enlist the help of Green Iguana to transport strawberry seeds.

So, come to find out, the green iguana eats the strawberries, then transports them in his stomach and poops them out so new strawberry plants can go. How weird is it that they actually showed the iguana pooping out the seeds! I was shocked, not because I thought it was vulgar, but because I thought it was so completely random! And Alicia actually said "poop" in the story.
And I thought Ryley's occasional poop in the backyard was because she saw our dog do it. Come to find out, it may be from watching too many Diego episodes!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Here is where I found Kirye earlier today. Look at his face in the first picture. He knows he is being sneaky and mischievous. He is climbing on and in to everything now! I can't keep up with him. This week he recently learned to climb on to the toilet, and then on to the counter. I get so scared that he is going to fall when I am not in there. I have to remember to keep the door closed, but then Ryley will go in and open it and I will forget to shut it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I guess I need to report what is going on here....nothing much. Scott only has 2 weeks of school left. He is so burned out and there is so much going on that he is losing his mind! He works all day and all night. Poor guy. Luckily this summer he will only have work! He also got accepted to Eastern, so he will be going there this fall, and hopefully only have a year left!
The kids are good. Kirye is saying a few words. The other day he said doggie (kind of). He is trying to run now, which is funny because he isn't there yet, but he see's Ryley trying to do it. They are playing well together, and like to wrestle. Kirye likes to pull Ryley's hair.
I am doing good. I have been running all winter, but I have decided I want to get in really good shape this summer and I want to get strong and toned. I have been running every morning and I have also been going to some classes at the gym on base where my friends live. I go to Mommy and Me Yoga on Tuesday's and on Saturday's I go to this amazing class called Cardio Sculpting. It is so awesome! I always leave there feeling like I got the greatest workout. I have also been doing my bosu ball workout 2-3 days a week. I am running a 10K with my friend in Portland this summer. It's called, Run LIke A Girl. I guess it is all on trails and it ends at the Portland zoo. We are going to have our husbands meet us there with the kids. Fun huh? I am not at all intimidated by a 10K because I run about 6 miles every morning, and on Saturday's I run about 8. I think I could even do a half marathon, but I have no desire to do a full marathon. I just don't think I have it in me to run 26.2 miles straight (you go Patti!).
Today it is supossed to be 90 degrees! We are enjoying being outside and having bbq weather! The air conditioner in our house is already on! I hope it doesn't get unbearable this summer.