Monday, January 1, 2007

Sloth, Gluttony and Football

This time of year I really feel like most of what we do is lay around, eat and watch football. I love it. Today is especially big because there are so many good bowl games on. Scott and I are rooting for Boise in the Fiesta bowl and Michigan in the Rose bowl. Last night we were happy that our Seahawks and 49ers won!
There is something satisfying about a routine or a set schedule. As nice as the holidays and the slothfulness have been, we are anxious to get back to our normal routine.
We hope everyone has a very happy and healthy new year. Don't forget those resolutions!!


Cory said...

I know what you mean about routine!! I have been so busy lately that I haven't done anything except run around, eat, and play with Ahnika and Greg. I need to get back on my tight schedule and get the house clean!!

Grandma said...

Welllllll, my son. You sound like you were right in your element. I know how you love football!
Its already January 4th! This year is flying by! Grandma is busy seeking her next challenge. Interview tomorrow as a driving instructor! Not my dream job...but a job for now with paid certifications. I envision teenage Ryley's! Maybe I better up the anti on my life insurance!
Anyway, just checking to see if I can post a blog. Let me know!
Love MOM/Grandma

Scott, Jill, & Ryley said...

Actually Dee, it was me (Jill) who posted that about the football games. I love football and we grew up watching college ball!!

Cory said...

scott, jill- how big is ryley now? how much does she weigh and how tall is that kid? ahnika is 29 inches long and 21 1/2 pounds. she's my little moose!!