Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We're Back

We got back from our retreat last Friday and I still am not back in the swing of things. I have been so tired lately. It takes me like half the morning before I wake up and feel like I can go work out and start my day. It is annoying. I need to snap out of it. Of course it doesn't help that Kirye is still waking up about twice a night! He is 3 months now, he should be sleeping a little better.
Our trip to Montana was a lot of fun. It was good to hang out with the fam and just do a bunch of nothing. After Montana we went to the mountains with Scott's family and stayed in a sweet cabin/house for the 4th. It was really relaxing and it was nice to have grandma and the aunties help with the kids. Oh, I have a story about the trip. So, on the way there we had to grab some lunch. So we stopped at the only place we could see which was McDonald's, and I got a QUARTER POUNDER!!! I haven't had one of those in like, forever, or maybe even never!! It was sooo good. I was going to get a Big Mac, which I'm sure would've been just as good. I was kind of disappointed though because it only had pickles and ketchup on it. Where was the tomato and lettuce? Is that what is on a Big Mac? So, that was my little treat.
My favorite show for the summer is on....Big Brother. Does anyone watch that? I love that show. It is crazy that there are 14 people in the house to start with! I don't know how they all live together. There is this one girl on there that has the most annoying voice ever...and if you watch the show, you know who I am talking about.