Thursday, July 26, 2007


We're off to Seattle this weekend. I am pretty excited just to get away and go visit my mother in law. We are planning lots of fun things: the zoo, Harry Potter movie number 5, brick oven pizza place, possibly a Spokane Shock vs Everett Hawks arena football game, visiting my grandparents, teriyaki (they have the best teriyaki there!) and of course being able to do whatever because Grandma is a built in babysitter. I love it.
Have a good weekend everyone! Oh, by the way, if you are wondering, I am up with the baby which is why this post is at 2am!


Swishy said...

Yeah, right, that's why you were up at 2 a.m. BB, anyone??

Juuuuuust kidding ;)

julie said...

I hope you have fun in Seattle!