Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby Got Back

The following story is not a joke. Yesterday I was trying to make Kirye laugh. I was making all sorts of crazy noises and doing weird contortionistic (is that a real word?) things with my face. He was just smiling at me as if to say, "got anything better than that?" So, I thought of the Friends episode where Ross sings Baby Got Back to their daughter to make her laugh. Well I gave it a go and he totally laughed! It was so awesome. He already has a great sense of humor.
Oh, and we watched AVP Long Beach beach volleyball tournament all weekend and guess who one of the commentators was...Karch Kiraly (who Kirye is named after). We made sure Ryely and Kirye payed close attention. We already have Ryley practicing her run and jump volleyball approach. She is pretty good at it.


Matt said...

Sir Mix-a-Lot works every time.

(Found you through Manic Mum)