Monday, July 16, 2007

First Real Haircut

Kirye got his first real haircut last night. He has had a trim over the ears before when he was 5 weeks old, but this was a real, all out hair cut. I was totally against it, but Scott said it had to be done.
Here is a before picture with all of his beautiful hair, and in his cute little swim suit:

Here is all of the hair that was buzzed off:

And here is the final product:

By the way he is smiling, it seems as if he liked it! I just think it is too short in the back. I never wanted to cut his hair. I mean, realistically I did, like when he was 1 or so, but not like never ever, like Kate Hudson's kid. Have you seen him? He looks like a little girl. She won't cut his hair and I feel so sad for him.


Manic Mom said...


I had NO idea!!!

You have the most gorgeous babies! Every time I see that little munchin with all that hair I wanna squeeze him!!!!

Seen anything good on BB lately?

Swishy said...

I can't believe you cut his hair!! I can't believe he ALREADY needed a haircut! He is sooooo cute!

XYZinn said...

I didn't cut his hair..Scott did and I was not happy about it!
I mean, come on, babies are supposed to have crazy hair right? Now he looks like a little man instead of a baby.

Swishy said...

They are TOTALLY supposed to have crazy hair!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh my gosh, Jill! What a funny post! I wish Hayden liked HIS's always been a wrestling match.

He is SO cute! I love how he looks all worried in the first picture and then he's all happy after his hair is short. Hillarious!

Ava said...

Interesting to know.