Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Something totally exciting happened to me today. Okay, it wasn't really that exciting, but it was pretty cool. So, the people that used to live in this house ordered products from Melaleuca (I had never heard of the company). It is a wellness company that makes all of these products with melaleuca in them. So, I get this package in the mail yesterday addressed to the lady who used to live here. I was like, sweet an unexpected package....and then I saw it was for her. At first I was thinking, hmmm...maybe I should just keep it, but then my conscience pipped in and I figured I should probably call the company. So I get on the phone with the company and they are thinking maybe they will just send me a shipping label or something like that. But then I had this bright idea...couldn't I just keep the stuff?? I asked the guy and he was like, um, hmmm, that's a good question, let me ask. Well, he asked and it turns out I get to keep the stuff, which is awesome because the invoice said it was all worth like $75! I have never tried any of the products before, but a bar of soap is like $6, so it must be good, right? The thing I am most excited to try are the double fudge nutrition bars that turn fat in to fuel. You know I am game for anything that will turn fat in to fuel!!


Swishy said...

Holy crap! I am cracking up ... ha ha ha. That is awesome. That would TOTALLY make my day!