Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Every morning I have what I think is a really delicious protein shake with ground flax seed in it. So, the other day Ryley decided she wanted some. I gave her a tiny bit because I knew she wouldn't like it. Sure enough, she gave the "ewww" face and gave it back to me. So, it got me thinking, as adults do we train our taste buds to like things that aren't necessarily great, but we eat them anyway because they are healthy? Kids don't care if food is good for them or not. If it is gross, they won't eat it. They also don't know a thing about calories or know what a scale is.


julie said...

I love that last line. I wish I could eat without worrying about my weight (first I need to lose a lot of weight!!). I'd like to eat delicious food in sensible portions and only 'til I'm satisfied. I hate counting cals.