Saturday, June 2, 2007

Under Eye Miracle Cream

I just found this picture of Scott and I. It was taken at Christmas time, December 2002, before we had kids. At the time I considered our shepherd/lab mix my baby (no, those dogs are not shepherds or labs...they are my mother-in-laws pugs). How crazy is that? He is sooo much easier than a baby! Actually, Kirye is a really easy, laid back baby. I should say my dog is so much easier than my 21 month old. She is in that crazy, messy, hitting, tantrum stage right now and it is driving me insane!

I can't believe how rested we look in this picture. It is amazing how kids make the bags under your eyes suddenly appear 5 shades darker than normal. Have you ever seen that dark circle miracle eye cream that has the lady on the box with the black, football players, glare cutting grease cream, under her eyes. That is how I feel. When will I ever get some sleep?
On a side note, I went 8 weeks post pregnancy shopping today and found a few things; thank goodness! None of them, however, are the size I wanted. But hey, at least they fit and I can stop wearing my yoga pants all the time.


julie said...

Hello! I love blogs - they are such a great way to keep in contact with people. I was thrilled to see your comment on my blog! I'm happy you have a blog so I can stay au courant with your life. I love your pictures - you have such a cute family!

I don't get enough sleep, either, but for different reasons. I need some miracle eye cream!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Nah! I think you look even better now, MOM! Hey, by the way, (I hope you don't mind): I added a couple of links to YOUR blog from MY post/blog. You are mentioned in my pituitary blog (some still don't know our historic stories). Check it out!