Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Thoughts

Here are just a few random things going on in my life:

Today I went to Costco and all the oldies were going crazy over Kirye. The absolute first thing everyone says when they see him is, "Look at all that hair!" It never varies from that, and it is always that exact wording. So, there was this older couple in line behind me and they came up to me and were like, oh my gosh, look at him, he is sooo cute. And then they proceeded to tell me about their kids and grandkids, and what they had for lunch, etc. But the funniest thing was, they made all of these people come over and see Kirye, mostly to look at how much hair he has. It was pretty funny and they were sweet.

I have been calling Kirye "princess" and "good girl" lately. I KNOW!! I catch myself everytime I do it, but it always slips out. I think because I have been so used to saying it to Ryley.

I think I am getting old. I have started turning on the captions when I watch tv. I feel so lame, but sometimes I just can't understand what people are saying and when I have the captions on I can read everything and make sure I don't miss out on a single word. Have you ever had someone next to you constantly say, what did they say, what did they say? It is annoying right? So, I finally turned on the captions so Scott wouldn't want to hurt me.

I LOVE our babysitter. She is so great with Ryley and is pretty much always available. There is just one thing I can't stand. She only lives a block away, but her mom gives her a RIDE!!! Okay, lazy! Everytime she comes over I think, hmmmm, maybe this time she will just walk over. BUT IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED. What in the world is happening that you can't walk a block!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Manic Mom here--I just got your comment and am at my parents in Tampa. I had to reply and tell you please DON'T be jealous of my 'vacation.' It's been more like a trip to Hell.

Holy F Bomb. Not fun! MM

XYZinn said...

Hey MM, ha ha! I didn't know you were at your parents house. Get a tan for me.