Monday, March 5, 2007

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This is a very annoying subject to me. First of all, if any of you ever read the ingredients on what you buy you will know that almost everything contains it. Even your 100% whole wheat flour bread (it is the 3rd ingredient!). It is also in light miracle whip, light yoplait yogurt, ketchup, many cereals....even bran flakes and rice krispies, which are not sweet to me at all! Here is a little bit of info: This sweetner is metabolized differently from other forms of sugar, and some studies suggest that its effect on your insulin levels actually prompts you to eat again sooner. It also tastes sweeter than other forms of sugar, which may condition us to want even sweeter foods! This is my complaint...we try to eat healthy and avoid trans fat and processed food and high frutose corn syrup....but when even whole wheat bread adds it in how can we possibly avoid it!! SOOOOO annoying!! I guess I will just need to make homemade wheat bread if I want to avoid it. I have checked almost every type of whole wheat bread, and the only kind I have found that doesn't have any hfcs is this sugar free kind, which was pretty good. I found it at Wal mart, but now it isn't there anymore. But what about yogurt...does the plain kind have any hfcs? I am just mad at the food industry and especially because they make the healthier foods more expensive! How do they ever expect the obesity rate to drop. That is why there are so many unhealthy people in the world. It is easier and cheaper for people to eat processed foods than to make homemade healthy meals. I also read an article today that said you can eat real sugar-in moderation and still lose weight. Instead of using artificial sweetner, which can be 200 to 700 times as sweet as natural sugar, and consuming these may interfere with your ability to judge natural sweetness. So, maybe instead of using an sugar packet on my cereal, I should use 1 tsp of sugar??? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Cory said...

I have thoughts on this..... I have been having horrible headaches and migraines lately (i think i've told you about them). for the past 3 months, i have had them alomost every single day. it has been horrible. it's been really hard on me and the family. i went to the doctor and she checked me out and sent me to a neurologist. I just had my first brain mri the other day. not too fun but anyways, the mri reported that everything is normal so that's good. but for the next month or so, she has put me on a very strict diet. no sugar, no aspartame (diet drinks, sodas, etc) no nitrates, no processed meats, no home made breads due to the yeast in them, no nuts, no chocolate, no marinated meats, no cheese and even some fuits and vegetables i have to steer clear of like citrus firuits and bananas. So basically, what it boils down to is that i have to eat fresh meats and fruit and veggies and water and that's it. the good news is that i'm going to lose weight and hopefully my headaches will go away and we can find out what's causing them after i have cleansed my body of any type of preservatives. the bad news is that it's expensive like you said!! so far, i am seeing results....i had a headache for 7 days straight and then one day without one, then i had one for 8 days straight and since i have started eating only fresh foods, i haven't had a headache in 5 days. i'm so happy. i can get stuff done around the house and it's been awesome. let me know if you want me to email you a copy of what the neuologist gave me. it's very interesting how many foods can affect your brain. not having a headache for the past 5 days has been so wonderful. i seriously thought i was dying over these past couple of months. i hope that they continue to stay away. they're not fun.