Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Baby is Coming!!

Well, I went to the doctor on Monday and she said I was 4 cm dialated!! Ahhh!! I started freaking out and thinking that when I finally did go in to labor, I would be too far along and wouldn't be able to get my precious epidural (this is exactly what happened to my friend)! Oh the horror!! So, I scheduled an induction for tomorrow morning. We are going in at 6 am (so, no sleep for us starting tomorrow). I can't wait to see what this little guy will look like and be like. It will be so fun to have another boy in the house. I grew up with 6 sisters, so I don't really know what boys are like. It will certainly be an adventure!
On another note, Scott is back in school and loving it. He always has to be busy doing something. Even on spring break he organized closets, did hours of yard work, played with Ryley...he even rearranged and organized my kitchen cupboards!! How's that for a husband! :)


Swishy said...

When did you post this?!?!?