Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Break...cookies and cake!

The first week of Spring Break is behind us now. Our bodies are in shock from all of the food and inactivity and our brains are in shock from all of the bonehead, end-of-game plays during the NCAA college basketball tourney! Unbelievable. One day I watched about 5 games in a row, my teams losing in all the games. What drives me absolutely nuts is how, with, say, 15 seconds left in the game, the team with the ball is down by 2 and bringing it up the court...OK...freeze it there...I'm not a sports analyst, coach, and I can't even palm a basketball, but I do know that if you take it into the paint you have a chance of not only scoring, but getting fouled and they'll come down the floor, dribble in place for about 13 seconds and then heave a rushed, off-balance three pointer that doesn't even touch the rim! What the?!?! This seemed to happen every single game! Whateva...

So, I''ve registered for school and am looking for a good internship in my field that will pay. Jill and I are just waiting for the baby to come. She's feeling lots of discomfort and "crowding" in her belly so we know it's soon. We're soo excited to have a little boy in the family.

We hope everyone is happy and being blessed in your goals.