Saturday, February 24, 2007

18 Months Old

Today is Ryley's 18 month old birthday. She is growing up so fast. Before we know it she will be having her 2nd birthday! One good thing about her turning 18 months is that she will be able to go to nursery during church. Hip hip hooray. It is so hard to do anything with her at church because she just wants to run around and get in to other people's bags. Why do kids like to do that so much? She is enthralled with what other people have in their bags.
Today we are going to go check out the new Wal-Mart that is supposedly being built about 10 minutes from our house. Oh, how this will make my life so much easier. Pathetic, I know, but as a stay at home mom, there are a number of random things that can make us happy....and having a Wal-Mart near by is just one of them. Other random things that make me happy: taking naps, going outside and playing with Ryley when the sun is out, eating liquorice (the absolute BEST is that Kookaburra kind), having people over to visit, and having a good hair/makeup day!