Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby or Beauty Pageant

By the way I have been acting lately you would think I was entering a beauty contest or attending a red carpet event. However, I am not doing anything close to those things...instead I am getting ready to have a baby. That's right. I am primping and prepping to go to the hospital and bare it all. Now I have done this before so it is no big deal right? I mean the doctors and nurses see women all the time and probably don't flinch at anything askew. As for me, I am not taking my chances. I have been shaving my legs everyday because heaven forbid I have some stubble on my legs, or anywhere else for that matter. I got my hair did last week (totally chopped off and a little bit of color). Today I even put on tanning lotion to hide all of my luscious whiteness. My mother in law gave me a gift card for my birthday so I can go get a pedicure. What in the world else do I need to do!!! I'm telling you, aside from dieting, I feel like I am getting ready to attend a wedding! Am I crazy, or do most women do this? I just feel like, once the baby is here most everything will be put aside. So I may as well do things now while I can, right?


Manic Mom said...

When I was having my third, I got a pedicure and I had my toes painted blue and pink alternately cuz I didn't know what I was having.

You gotta treat yourself nicely during this time!!!

Good luck! Do you know what you're having? Found you on Swish's blog, my BBFF!

Scott, Jill, & Ryley said...

Hey Manic, I know all about you and love your blog by the way!! :) Feel the Swishy love!! She is great!
We are having a boy and we are very excited. 2 weeks baby!!

Swishy said...

I can totally see myself doing that!! ha ha.

Cory said...

When i went into labor, i took a shower, dried and styled my hair and put on all my make up. i also made sure that my toes looked good and my legs were shaved and that i put on deodorant and lotion. right after i popped the 10 1/2 pounder out, we took tons of pictures of me and my lip stick never even came off. it looked perfect like i had just applied it. my mascara wasn't smeared or anything. (and my epidural had totally worn off and i pushed for an hour and a half and got sweaty too) whenever anyone sees the pictures of me in the hospital, they say, how do you look so good?? i tell them that my mother in law told me to put on all my make up before i got to the hospital so that my pictures would look good. i followed her advice and i looked just fine! not ragged and ugly like most moms who have just given birth. so put on your make up!!!