Friday, February 23, 2007

Jelly Beans Anyone?

I have had this major addiction for jelly belly's, you know, the"gourmet jelly beans," the last few days. They are just so good. I remember this time last year I got the same addiction. I get out my little jelly belly candy jar and put all of the beautifullly colored jelly beans in it. I think it is because Easter is coming up or something. :) Don't worry though that they are $6.99/pound when you buy them in the bulk section! Why can they charge that much for them? Is it because it takes 7 days to make them (I just found this out), or is it because they are so good and chocked full of flavor? By the way, my nickname was always jillybean...get it?? On a healthy note, has anyone tried those All Bran garlic herb crackers? They are SOOO good.

Friday night! YEAH!! For us it means watching a movie, searching the net, or staying up late watching tv. Nothing too exciting. I usually catch up on all my tivoed shows while Scott works in his office. Oh the days when there were no kids and we could do whatever we wanted, right? Of course, it was probably almost the same thing as we do now. Ha ha.