Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day

What a nice Monday holiday. Scott has the day off of school, so we are just hanging out as a family. Although, at the moment, he went to help our friend do something with some hay she has on her farm. After that I am going to Costco, fun right?

This past weekend was so nice. On Friday night my sister and her husband came over and watched Ryley while Scott and I went out to dinner and stayed overnight at a hotel. We went to this really yummy Asian restaurant...the shrimp appetizer was sooo good. I could eat shrimp everyday!!
When we got home we found out that Ryley had slept in until 10:15! So, my newly married sister and her husband got to sleep in as they normally would. I was happy for them. Scott and I, however, got woken up at 4am by the hotel alarm, 7am by his cell phone, and 8 and 9am by people in the hall!! DOH!! And all night I kept thinking I was hearing Ryley, even though she wasn't even with us. I now officially have "mom" ears. I swear, I can hear everything now!!

Here are some new pics of Ryley, including one of the beautiful flowers Scott got me for our anniversary and one of my prego belly. I am now 33 1/2 weeks along....and we still don't have anything for this little guy. We better get crackin'!

On a side note, Ryley found a marker on Saturday and decided she wanted to put it in her ear. So, on the inside and around her ear is all blue. At least she hasn't put anything up her nose yet!