Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gummy Vitamins?

I don't really understand the concept of gummy vitamins. I mean, ultimately I your kids will eat their vitamins. But, if your kids are anything like my kids, they will just think they are candy and want more than one gummy bear more than once a day. I have a hard enough time with the Ryley thinking the Flinstone vitamins aren't candy. She always wants more than one. So I'm sorry vitamin industry, but I will never give in to having vitamins that look and taste like candy. Does anyone use those, and if so, how does that go over with your kids? Maybe if Ryley was 5 and not almost 3 she would understand the concept a little better.

On a side note can I just say how much I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan! You know, he was Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, and I LOVED him then too! I just watched him in PS I Love You and I am completely infatuated with him now (I just googled him and he was born in Seattle!). He was so cute in that movie and I was so happy with the ending. I really did not want Hillary Swank to get with Harry Connick Jr. There was just no chemistry there! Sorry for spoiling it if you haven't seen the movie yet. It took me probably 4 times of starting and stopping that movie to finally finish it. I just love girly movies like that..and of course I always cry. Scott will come in and go, "what's wrong" and I just grab my tissue and say "nothing, it's just the movie." I wonder if guys ever get that emotional over any movies. I have yet to see Scott get emotional over very many movies. Oh, speaking of movies...the other night we went out to dinner with our friends. On the way back we went through the mall to get to the parking garage. It was so funny because we were in the elevator and about 12 women got in all at once with us. I just laughed and asked them if they had just seen the Sex and the City movie. Of course they had and this one girl said it was so good and it made her cry. I thought that was pretty funny!


Mama said...

okay two comments for this blog post...
#1- moma always wants medicine because it tastes so good. i get her the tylenol with grape flavor or whatever and she always asks for it now. i guess it tastes too good. i know it smells good.
#2- about scott getting emotional over a movie. i have two words for you.... "My Life". Ask him about the time greg and him were in their apartment watching this movie. two young guys sitting on the couch watching a movie about a guy dying of cancer. okay.. so i'll spoil the ending for you but you should still ask him about it. it ends with both scott and greg sitting their hiding their faces from eachother with pillows because they are crying too hard. this goes well after the movie ends and into the credits. such a funny story.

Leah & Mike said...

That is true about the vitamins...I never thought about that. Addy LOVES real medicine already (not even in gummy candy form), so I am a little hesitant to give her candy-looking medicine. That would definitely end up in an overdose! I LOVED Denny! I will have to see PS I Love YOU.