Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today Ryley has been a little sweet heart. I think God knew how much she put me through yesterday and is helping her to be more loving today.
It is so beautiful here today so we met our friends at the park for a picnic. The kids played for almost 2 hours. It was fun to be in the sun and for the kids to get some good exercise. Kirye was so mad at me when I got him off the swing. I felt bad, but we had to leave sometime.
This weekend it is supposed to be 95! Yikes! The air in our car isn't working either, so I will definitely need to get that fixed, or else I will not be driving around. It is fine for me to roll down the window when it is 75-80 degrees, but past that it just gets too hot...especially with black leather seats!


Mama said...

so you're going to be getting heat now huh?? i think we're out of our heat wave we were having. it was so miserable. usualy june is really overcast and kind of on the cool side for us and last week it was like we were living in a sauna. it's so humid here. it's much nicer to live by the beach. last year, we moved inland from the beach about 5 miles and the temperature went up 10 degrees. living by the ocean was much cooler. i miss it.