Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's My Name?

The last few weeks Ryley has been calling me "Jill" and dad, "Scott." I have to admit, it is pretty funny when she says it, but I don't laugh, because I don't want her to think it is something she should be doing on a regular basis. She sounds so grown up when she does it though. The other day she said, "Hey Jill, where's Scott?" She also calls for me down the stairs after her nap by yelling out my name, not mommy. Where did she get it from? I think it probably finally clicked what our real names are and she wants to use them. I don't know.
Yesterday, on three separate occasions, Kirye put his hands in the toilet. Ugh. The first time was at the dentist's office when I was trying to help Ryley wash her hands. I caught him playing in the water. Gross. The second time was at our house when I forgot to put the toilet down. Ew. And the third time was in Ryley's little potty (which she still uses by the way, even though she has been potty trained for months now) after she had just peed in it and I didn't have time to dump it yet. Yuck.
Kirye is walking all around now. It still shocks me because he just learned so fast. It seems like Ryley took a lot longer to get the hang of it. Everyday he has gotten better and better at it, and now it seems he walks more than he crawls. My little baby is growing up. It is so funny though because he walks with his hands raised above his head and it just cracks me up.
I still have to post pictures of his 1st birthday. I am just being lazy and I haven't put new batteries in my camera.


Beth said...

I love it when they first start walking! My grandson looked like a little chimp walking around for the longest time!!!

and the toilet thing? eewwww!

cory said...

ahnika started calling greg "greg" about a month ago and last week she started calling him "honey" as well. now i have to be careful to just call him daddy so that she won't copy me and call him what i call him.

Patti said...

hey jill, where's scott? good!

omg, bb9...did you see last night?! and if you did, sharon was so gyped...but i loved that nat left. good-bye crazy!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

I just pictured him walking with his hands over his head and started to laugh out loud.

You HAVE to take a picture and post it.
I'm just motivating you with a purpose. I'm dying to see it, but YOU will be pretty glad you have a picture of THAT in a few years!

Dee said...

I can't believe KyKy waited until Grandma Dee left before walking. He was very close when I was there at Easter.
And, Ryley better not call me 'Dee' when I see her! That would be wierd! She's such a little 'person' now and it must be funny to hear 'Jill or Scott' come out of her little mouth!
Can't wait for your visit this weekend.