Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We had a great Easter, even though it snowed on Friday! Luckily it mostly all melted and Ryley was able to participate in her first Easter egg hunt. It was so crazy. There were so many kids there. They had them divided up in to different age groups. Ryley was with the 0-4 group. As soon as the horn sounded she took off and collected about a dozen hard boiled eggs. I couldn't believe how many real dyed eggs they had. There had to have been over a thousand.

She got an American Girl doll from Scott's mom's friend. Actually, Kirye got one too. They are the Bitty Baby twins, and they are so cute. The little boy baby doll looks like Kirye because he has a head full of blond hair.

Scott's mom was here for the weekend, so that made Easter a lot more fun to celebrate. I have always loved Easter. I love the egg hunts, the baskets, the cute dresses, going to church and having ham!! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

The kids with Grandma Dee (Scott's mom).
One of the fun "treats" in the Easter baskets.

Kirye with his new baby doll.

Eating the doll's shoe.

Ryley showing off in her Easter dress.

Little munchkins!

Look what I found!

The fam

With the creepy Easter bunny.

The bitty baby twins.

She went on the only patch of snow on the field.

The eggs were nice and cold.

A basket full of eggs.


Leah & Mike said...

I LOVE all the pics!! Your kids are so cute!! I can't believe how big they are - time flies, doesn't it?!?! I'm glad you had a great easter. You guys look great!

Swishy said...

SO CUTE! And I'm sorry, but you're right--that Easter Bunny is TOTALLY creepy! ha ha ha.

Mama said...

so fun!! i wish we lived closer and could do this stuff together with the kids!!

Andrea said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Your kiddos are getting so big!