Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh Deer!

This morning on my run I saw one deer cross the street. I guess when the others saw that it was okay they all followed. All 16 of them! I couldn't believe it! And at the end was a little baby. It was so serene and just made me happy that I was outside enjoying God's glory.
So, one thing I have noticed while running is the insane amount of litter, more specifically beer cans! What is up with that? Why beer cans? Does it have something to do with the fact that they don't want to get caught with the evidence. I just don't get it.

This weekend I am going to attempt to drive to Seattle with the kids, ALL BY MYSELF! It is only a 4 hour drive, but still. Just the thought makes me nauseous. But...we really need to get away, and Scott needs some time to himself. He has been so busy with work and school and I really want to just give him a little break.
And I am hoping to get a small shopping break while I am there. I really need some summer clothes...even though it is nowhere near summer weather here! (Don't even get me started)!
Last summer I had just had Kirye so I wasn't in a "shopping" mood with the added baby weight. I am excited to go through my closet and get rid of clothes that I never wear, but keep, "just in case." Well, I am not keeping them anymore. If I haven't worn them in 2 years, I am not going to wear them ever.


em-jared-ryan said...

That's amazing that you saw 16 deer. I will give you some of our warm weather, I think it was almost 90 degrees here today with 100% HUMIDITY!

Swishy said...

OK, I totally want to clean out my closet, too. I have SO MANY CLOTHES I never wear!

Beth said...

16 deer??!! Wow!

and happy shopping! that sounds like fun...although the 4 hour trip with the kids sounds like hell!

The Farmer's Wife said...

You sound like you are on a MISSSION!

I'll bet 'cha that your little road trip will be empowering! Have fun.

Emily said...

Yeah...just get rid of them! I tend to want to keep clothes...its like an emotional attatchment! SO DUMB! Hey, just wanted to let you know we now have a family
check it out...Emily Arnold

Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day yesterday!!