Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Other Weird Addictions

I think I have become addicted to vacuuming and possibly other cleaning tasks. Is this possible? I seriously vaccum my upstairs at least once a day. I think it is because our family room is right off our kitchen and Ryley always goes in there with crackers and stuff. Can I just say that I love Windex antibacterial multi-surface cleaner. It works so good and smells good too. Plus it kills germs, which a lot of those cleaners don't do.
I am also addicted to impulse buying. Almost every infomercial that I see, I want the product. I don't buy them, but I sure wouldn't mind having them. And you know how when you go to Target they have that little $1 section in the front....I love that section of random "junk." The display is usually centered around holidays though, so it is kind of fun to look at. And hey, it is only $1!


Swishy said...

I buy something from the dollar spot at Target EVERY SINGLE TIME I go! Yesterday I bought a cabana boy that gets big when you put him in water ... ha ha ha.