Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today I put Ryley's hair in pigtails for the first time. It is so cute, and they really do look like little pig's tails...all curled up. She looks so grown up with this new hair do.
Now I have to master the art of making a perfect part. It is hard when they are so squirmy.
There isn't anything too exciting going on around here. Scott is back to school and is pretty busy. He is getting plenty of exercise with his gym/weight class and by playing on the church basketball team. Ryley and I went to one of the games a few nights ago. She liked to run around with the other kids on the stage.
Ryley and I are trying to keep busy. We try to have "learning" time each day and have been listening to her new Laurie Berkner cd's she got for Christmas. The songs she sings are so fun to sing and dance to.
Alrighty, I need to go start dinner. We hope you all enjoy the new pictures.


Cory said...

Cute pictures! Ahnika's hair is so long, i was thinking about putting it in pig tails too!! not sure how that will work out with her. i don't think she will be able to sit there long enough for me to do a good job. we'll see!! hope all is well with you guys. let us know how it's going with the pregnancy.