Thursday, May 7, 2009

Note To Self....

Shows NOT to watch while working out:
**Grey's Anatomy, especially this month where Izzie finds out her cancer isn't all gone, and she makes her boyfriend try the wedding dishes for Meredith's wedding. He tells her that the shrimp he's eating is like their first date, a little sweet and a little spicy....waaaahhhhhh!

**Oprah: For the most part Oprah has those shows that you can watch while working out, especially if it's anything with Dr. Oz. However, you never know what you're gonna get. So, today as I was running, finishing up the last 10 minutes of Greys', I proceeded to turn on Oprah from a few days ago. Bad decision. It was on that little girl Madeline McCann who had been abducted while her family was in Portugal on vacation . I instantly started crying, while I was running, which I'm sure is a lovely site! What happens is, when I watch these shows, I put myself in their position. So I was Izzzie for a while, with cancer, and Scott was sitting at the side of my bed, testing the wedding dishes. The little girl who gets abducted is my daughter...and on and on.

**Extreme Makeover Home Edition: This show almost inevitably makes me cry. I do like to see the finished project though.

**The Food Network: Self explanatory

Shows TO watch while working out:
**Ellen Degeneres: She starts with her monologue making you laugh, then she dances to some upbeat music, which makes you want to run faster. She also has on a hottie guests like Hugh Jackman. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is!

**ANYTHING on Bravo! That channel is what I call some good ol' entertainment. Who can go wrong with The Real Housewives or Project Runway. And what about Kathy Griffin...what a potty mouth! But I love her anyway because she makes me laugh.

**Biggest Loser: Usually I watch this show with a bag of carrots and celery at my side (yeah right), but it is also nice to watch while working out. Hey, if a 400 pound man can run on the treadmill, so can I!

Any others you like or don't like?


emH said...

Honestly, I prefer wind, trees, and water, but if I'm stuck in a gym Law and Order works for me. I usually don't have the ear phones, but once you've seen a L&O, you don't need to hear the dialogue. There's enough intrigue to keep me running through the commercials to find out what happens next. Then I got to keep running to find out what happens in the end.

Hans and Laurel said...

Usually I don't watch TV while running but good to know what to avoid. I'm the same way with watching shows. I can totally picture my life like that. Hans doesn't at all and then he makes fun of me if I cry. Men!