Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Bed and New Stash

Ryley got a new twin size bed for her birthday...thanks to grandma and grandpa!! She loves it and so do I. Before that we just had her sleeping on the spare bed which was a queen. It was too big for her room and too big for her. When we bought the bed we were looking at head boards, but they were a little too expensive to buy right now, so I just decided I would hold off and maybe find one at a garage sale. Well, today I found one at our local thrift store for $8! It literally looks brand new. It is white rod iron and I think it looks great. It may not be my first choice of Pottery Barn Kids, but it works and I think it looks cute in her pink room. Now I just have to get a comforter and bedskirt, which my mom might make. I also think I might spray paint the gold bed knobs or possibly get new ones. The gold just isn't working for me.

While we were on vacation Scott decided to sport a new look...the "beard." It doesn't grow in great since he doesn't have dark facial hair, but it was kind of cute, in a "Shaggy" sort of way. Oh wait, I don't think Shaggy is cute, so I guess I didn't really like it after all. Today he shaved it. It was too scratchy for me.


Jami said...

It's funny that you said that about our husbands cause as I was looking at your blog Trey looked over and had to double take cause he thought Scott looked like him too! I guess we both have good taste in men :)

Swishy said...

SO CUTE! And oh my GOSH I cannot believe how big Kirye is getting! He is totally not a baby anymore!