Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conversation with Dad

Dad: Ryley, I just told you last night not to play with the outlets. There is fire in there and it could come out and GET YOU!
Ryley: I don't want it to come out and get me.
Dad: Then don't play with the outlets.
Ryley: There's fire in that hole in there?
Dad: Yup

Boy, I love how we scare our kids. The other day I told Ryley if she kept swallowing her gum she would get bugs in her tummy.


Mama said...

when my sister was little, she asked my mom what would happen if there was a fire, my mom said we would leave the house. then she asked what would happen if we were trapped and my mom said that "the firemen would come and get her" for a year, she thught firemen were coming to "get her" and was terrified of them. kids take things so literaly.

Emily said...

hey, what ever works to get them to listen to you!!

Swishy said...

Ha ha ha ... that is so funny. And I love the top of Kirye's head in the photo post. That TOTALLY cracked me up for some reason.