Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthday Part II

The weekend of Ryley's actual birthday we were in Seattle visiting my grandparents. My mom and dad drove here and picked me and the kids up. Poor Scott had to stay home and work. We went over for the weekend and met up with Scott's mom on Sunday, which was Ryley's birthday. It was fun because she took her to the aquarium and brought her presents. The kids loved the aquarium and Ryle even had her face painted. Here are a few more pictures.
At the hotel with the cake Grandpa bought. Looks good!

With her cousins Abby and Kaylee.

Blowing out the candles.

Grandma made her wear this silly hat

Showing off her necklace...

Here's a better look, but no smile.

She instantly had to try on her new raincoat from Grandma.

Getting her face painted at the aquarium.
It was an octopus that covered half of her face!

My little princess. By the pier, looking at al that water!