Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I have the WEIRDEST dreams. Probably once or twice a week I dream about using a public bathroom. It is always the same...I go in and there are no doors on the stalls, and the toilets are disgusting. I end up using the toilet, even though I don't want to, and someone always ends up watching me because there is no door, and I am so embarrassed. What does this mean? I am so curious. Does it mean I really need to go to the bathroom when I am sleeping?

Scott, on the other hand, always has scary dreams, like someone is chasing him or trying to hurt him or his family. He has those probably once or twice a week.
Dreams just fascinate me. They are so random.


Mama said...

when i was a waitress, i would have these stress dreams where i would wake up in a panic and have to calm myself down. the dream would always consist of me going into work, the manager opening the doors early and the coffee and tea wouldn't be brewed yet or their machines would be broken. i would then get a rush of customers that all would request coffee or tea and would get mad and yell at me when i told them they couldn't have it. then i would run around everywhere in the restaurant and try to find them coffee and tea. then i would wake up sweating. the funny thing is that when i told my friend that i worked with that i was having those dreams all the time, she told me that she had them too and that it was always the coffee or tea was broken and she couldn't fix it. weird!!

Andrea said...

I have similar bathroom dreams, and it usually means I need to wake up and go pee. :)

Patti said...

i think you are afraid of being exposed...or not. what do i know?!