Monday, February 18, 2008

Zoom Zoom

Has anyone ever had Zoom before? It is a hot breakfast cereal like Cream of Wheat. I got some last week and have had it every day for breakfast! I love that the 1 and only ingredient is whole wheat. Today I added a little cinnamon to the water to spice things up. Isn't my life so exciting? It has a very healthy looking recipe on the back for honey wheat bread that I want to try.

Here is a cute story that will tell you a little something about Ryley. At about 5pm today, Ryley opened the back door and said, "oh look mom, the moon." That is pretty normal and not too astounding. But then she said, "look mom, a comet." At first I just thought she was talking about the moon, but then I went out and saw what she was looking at. It was a jet plane, and she was looking at the jet exhaust trail it had left behind. Now that is one smart 2 year old!


Beth said... cute! a comet!!

and I love me some Cream of Wheat!!!