Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gymnastics Girl

Here's my little gymnastics girl. She has such a suprised look on her face here.

I was going through some older pictures today and found this one of Kirye. I just love this picture of him because of his big blue eyes and surfer dude hair.

Today the kids and I ventured out in the double stroller for a little walk. I haven't used the stroller in about 3 months!! There has been way too much snow. But today we HAD to get out of the house. I am going crazy! Even though it was only 38 degrees, I decided to bundle them up and take them out. It was so nice to get some fresh air and the sun was beaming down, so it was actually quite nice. On our walk I couldn't help but notice a house that had every single one of it's Christmas decorations still up. I'm talking like wreaths, bows, lights, reindeer in the yard, a tree on their front porch, a snowman, and other crazy things. I wonder how much longer they will decide to be lazy. I mean, we are at the end of February here. I can kind of understand when it's cold and snowy if people don't want to take down their lights right away, but they could have at least opened their front door and brough in Santa! (I hope I didn't offend any of you who like to leave your Christmas decorations up until summer)!


Swishy said...

I TOTALLY STILL HAVE MY CHRISTMAS WREATH ON THE DOOR! HA!!!! I didn't even realize it until the other day. It is not THAT Christmasy, though. It's not even red and green. But I still haven't taken it down. HA!

Patti said...

i love the neighbors who don't take down their xmas stuff....keeps all eyes off of me!

cory said...

okay, so leaving christmas decorations/lights up past january 6th is a major issue with me. i hate it. i get so annoyed when i see peoples houses still decorated for weeks after christmas. it makes me nuts. greg and i thought that we could go christmas caroling on groundhog day to peoples houses with decorations still up. i think that would be so funny. we always takl about it but are too chicken to actually do it. i'm afraid i'll get shot or something.

Mama said...

those a such cute pictures. i just love his hair. he's got the best hair. i'm the worst picture poster on my blog.