Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Floor, and I'm a slacker!

Sorry I haven't written for so long.  I am such a slacker.  And I have about a million things to say, but I will start with the story of the flooded basement.  Oohhh...I bet you can't wait to hear about it!! 

We were stupid this winter and forgot to turn off the water to our sprinklers.  Well, a few weeks ago we found that water from the sprinkler pipe outside had leaked in to my office/exercise room.  It was pretty much completely soaked and there was no hope of drying it out.  So we ripped up the carpet and found out that almost 3/4 of the room had water damage.  Unfortunately it was the room where the carpet was the nicest, and had no stains!  Of course!  Why couldn't it have happened to the high traffic area right off the kitchen where the kids spill their drinks and whatever food they have in their hands, or where Obi has barfed up dirt (Um, yes, he did this 2 days ago.  Don't ask me why he was eating dirt).  

So we ripped up the carpet and Scott is taking it to the dump today, and then is going shopping to different flooring stores.  We are going to try to find a good deal somewhere, considering we don't want to spend any more money than we have to on this project. There is this store here called Spokane Discount that sells items from Costco that have been discontinued.  It is so cool and you get really good deals.  We might be able to find some laminate flooring there.  

Scott has installed laminate twice now, so he can probably get the room done pretty fast.  

On a happy note, yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary!  We went to dinner at PF Changs, my favorite restaurant.  It was so so so good!  I could eat there every week!