Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Happenings

**Today I found $.50 in the street! That always makes me happy because usually I only find pennies...and I ALWAYS pick them up. My husband laughs at me, but hey, money is money.

**My son's poop was orange today. I guess he had a few too many sweet potatoes for dinner last night.

**Ryley loves to say, "what's that" to everything. And then she always wants to touch it no matter what it is or how far away it is. I always have to say, it's too high in the sky. So now she always says, "too high in the sky."

**Scott designed an Adirondack chair for a charity art auction. The final project looked so great and I'm sure it sold for thousands of dollars! :)

**A new Super Wal Mart opened up only 10 miles from my house. You do not even understand how happy this makes me. With 2 small children it is not easy going anywhere, but at least now it is a heck of a lot closer. We went today and it was so clean and nice. I wanted to just walk around and look at all of the Christmas decor, but with Ryley and Kirye I am always on a time crunch. I never know when either one of them will just fall apart and make shopping miserable for me. They did good though, and Ryley even used the restroom while we were there. No accidents! Hooray!

**Only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving and I am ecstatic! We are going to my mother in laws house just outside of Seattle. I always love going there and being able to relax and have some girlie time. My Thanksgiving duties this year: coconut cream pie, homemade rolls, and cranberry sauce. I am also considering making one more pie...probably banana cream since I use the same filling for the coconut cream.


Karen said...

I was so happy when the Walmart opened in Centerville, not far from our house. It makes life so much easier. I love it because it is so nice and big.

cory said...

i wish we had a super walmart here. we have grocery stores and targets and walmarts and stuf like that all over the place, but i would really love for it to be combined like the super walmarts or targets. that would be awesome. a target store just opened up in the westminster mall and it's so cool. it's two stories and they have an escalator for your shopping carts. so futuristic.

Beth said...

I love me some Walmart! I know they are horrible to their workers and crap like that, but you really can't beat their prices! We have a Walmart, but they are building a Super Walmart right across the street from the old Walmart...and I can't wait to do all my shopping at one store, instead of 2 or 3.

Your kids are so dang cute!