Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Ryley on Halloween. She had such a fun night. We only went about a block or two because it was kind of chilly. She got half her pumpkin filled, which is plenty of candy for a 2 year old. We had so many kids come to our house. I think I bought 15-20 bags of candy and they are all gone. I remember last year was just as crazy. We had to turn off our porch light by 7:30.

Showing off her princess shoes

Enjoying her candy (her eyelashes look fake here!)

Kai Kai enjoying the wrappers


cubmommy said...

They are so adorable!!!

I can't wait until all of our candy is gone.

Andrea said...

You have such cute kids! I love that Kai Kai was digging right in with her. I'm looking forward to Tree Faerie having a sibling some day!

Beth said...

Are those really her eye lashes?!!

Patti said...


XYZinn said...

Those REALLY are her eyelashes. She is definitely blessed! Scott and I both have pretty long eyelashes, so I'm glad we could pass something good down to her. :)