Thursday, November 29, 2007

Obsess Much?

I have realized that since I have been married and have a house of my own, I have acquired a few anal tendencies.
The first one is my kitchen. I HAVE to have a clean kitchen or I cannot function. This means there are never any dirty dishes left in the sink at night to wake up to in the morning.

I always have to have a clean dish cloth and it has to be white.

The sponge I use can not have any thing on the green scrubby part and it can only be used for doing dishes.

The counter tops have to be wiped down with anti bacterial spray every night. I can't stand that commercial that shows all the creepy crawly bacteria over everything (even though that is part of life).

My pantry has to be neat and organized and the cans all have to face the same way.

My bathroom sinks always have to be clean as well as the toilets, but I don't really like to clean the tub.

I am addicted to those anti bacterial wipes. I buy them in bulk...especially with 2 kids to make nice messes for me.

Then there are things that I could care less about, like dusting. I HATE dusting.

I also hate unloading the dishwasher.

Is this totally weird or what?


cory said...

please don't take any offense, but yes, you're weird. :) i remember when greg and i stayed with you a few years ago, you would clean like a maniac and i would think "just sit down and relax, we're only here for a few days. come and visit with us" but you were a cleaning maniac. it's good to have a clean home and sometimes i wish i was more of a clean freak but you need to relax sometimes. maybe you could give me some of your clean freakishness and i could give you some of my relaxishness. we would make a perfect balance then.

Andrea said...

I'll come dust your house if you'll come clean my kitchen. :) I hate doing dishes...

Mormishmom said...

I hate unloading the dishwasher too. I've tried to get Will to do it, but he's random at best.

XYZinn said...

Thanks Cory. I don't remember "cleaning like a maniac" when you were in town. I guess it was probably just my normal routine.