Thursday, October 18, 2007


Here are a few obstacles that I have been dealing with lately:

* Ryley learned how to climb out of her crib, even on the lowest setting. So, what that means is I won't be able to sleep in EVER AGAIN! We converted her crib in to a bed last night and she was up for almost 2 hours getting in and out of bed, and then finally fell asleep in front of her door on the floor. Then this morning she was up at 6:30 and she normally doesn't get up until around 8!

* Since I thought Ryley was potty trained why not have her wear panties to gymnastics. Why? I'll tell you why. Because the minute you think they are potty trained, they aren't, and they poop in their leotard! What a mess.

* Working out. I try to work out. In fact, I have been doing really good and getting back up to almost an hour of cardio a day. But with a 2 year old it is not easy and it is so frustrating when she won't let me get in "me" time. I just need my exercise. It gives me energy, it helps me feel better about myself, and I just NEED it. So, when I don't get it, I get cranky.

* Money. I have none, therefore I cannot shop and that makes me sad.

* I took both my kids to the dr this week and Kirye is in the 95th percentile for height and Ryley is off the charts. So, by the third grade my kids will outgrow me, and once again I will be the short one in the group. I guess this isn't really an obstacle, but it reminds me that I am short and that I will always be short and there is nothing I will ever be able to do to change that.

Here are a few positives going on in my life:

* Ryley is pretty much potty trained, which means less money I have to spend on diapers.

* I can fit in to the smallest pair of jeans I have. I said I can fit in to them, I didn't say they looked great on! I still have a few baby weight pounds to lose, but overall I feel okay.

* Kirye is sleeping through the night, about 12 hours straight. We did sleep training a few weeks ago, and by the third night he was sleeping without waking up. We got rid of the pacifier. He will never be able to use it again for sleeping. It was just too much of a crutch and whenever he woke up and it wasn't there he would start crying. According to Ferber, it is as if you woke up and your pillow wasn't there. Well, what if you were handicapped and couldn't get it yourself. You would have to call for help right? That was what Kirye was doing.

* It's autumn of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp morning air and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. I also love "fall" food like soup and pumpkin recipes. I have been making lots of soup lately and homemade all bran rolls. Sooo good!

I have put up all of my fall decorations and they are so cute and make me happy whenever I look at them. Here are a few pictures of them:

That's all really. If you have anything you want to complain about or something that is going good for you right now feel free to let me know. This blog is a good way for me to complain without Scott getting on me for being so "negative." I'm not negative, I'm just a realist!


Swishy said...

Whatever, you are not negative at all!!! OK, seriously, that is horrible about Ryley being able to get out of bed. How are you supposed to SLEEP???

I loooove pumpkin stuff, I am even wearing pumpkin lotion sometimes!

And I have a big zit on my forehead, actually two, so I will complain about that.

AND--awwwww snap this is big!!--I have some news for you. Well it is not that big. But I am gonna call you, maybe even on my way home from work if I don't stay too late. You'll die!

cubmommy said...

You are not negative. Life gets tough. I hated when the boys figured out how to get out of the crib. I put a gate at their door so they could not get out of the room at least. This worked out well. Now the boys share a room and Little Cubby has learned to call me for and he doesn't leave his bed.

I love fall but we haven't gotten that much rain this season so are trees are not turning colors and are just falling off. We have very little color in them. That sucks.

Potty training is the worst. I hate it. Little Cubby needs to start but he has no interest. It would make life cheaper if I could get him out of diapers then only have one in them would be nice.

Don't worry I don't have any money either.

Tim and Ashley said...

Ok, now I know why we are companions in the mission field. I think we got along so well because we are both "realistic". I can completely relate about the whole feeling good about yourself and needing exercise but not having the time to do it. And I can relate to not sleeping in anymore either. It was hard when we put Kayli in a bed because from that point on my sleep was gone as I knew it.
I am so glad that we have kept in touch all these years, you truly are one of my life long friends. Love ya!

Patti said...

change is hard on all of matter the age!

and let's see, husband's job is in limbo, so i'll complain about that, but the good part is we laugh all the time.

Beth said...

Hey, I don't think you're negative at're a MOM! ;)

I always liked it when the kids got potty trained..saves money...BUT..then you have to know where the bathroom is AT ALL TIMES in any store you may happen to be in. And no money makes mama is a lovely thing.

Ferber had it right...I tried to "ferberize" mine...but I was weak! But they sleep now! ;)

I love Fall that your picture up there? cuz it's a beauty.

Karen said...

Jill, Reagan started getting out of her crib so we bought a crib tent to go over it. It keeps her in there and she loves it now. We always give kisses through the tent. I just didn't feel like I could move her to a big bed yet because I knew if I did she would never take another nap again. Have you put a door know thing on her door so at least she has to stay in her room?

Mike said...

This is actually Leah. I love pumpkin recipes too! There are so many out there and I just want to make them all but it is hard to fit them all in! Yay for fall!! And Jill, you are definitely the furthest from a negative person that I can think of - you are always so positive and happy!