Wednesday, August 29, 2007

YOU WHAT!!!!!!????

The other night my dear, lovely husband spilled part of his protein shake on our laptop and heard a "fizzle" sound. So, we let it dry out for a day but it still doesn't work. It turns on, but the screen is blank. Are you kidding me?? Now I have to go on his Apple laptop to do anything. It's not that I don't like Apple, it's just that I'm not used to it and the screen is so small I have a hard time typing. So I haven't blogged or looked at any blogs in a few days. Usually I am glued to my computer. I guess I better take it in and have it looked at. To top it all off, Ryley threw our new phone in a pool of water on our deck chair and now the screen doesnt work either! What is up with that?
Hooray for the 3 day weekend coming up! We are going to Seattle and hubby and I are going to stay in a hotel downtown on Friday WITHOUT the kids. Scott's mom is taking them for the night. I am positive I will need a sleeping pill since I am such a light sleeper now. And I am definitely not forgetting my ear plugs or eye mask, keep the darkness out, sleeper thing. Oh, and we made sure the hotel has a hot tub and gym. I seriously can't wait. We have been planning our itinerary for weeks now.
Okay, this is the funniest thing, or saddest thing, I have ever seen. Tell me what you think. I think we should help the children "in the Iraq" too.


Patti said...

a getaway is always on my list of things to do....even when i just get back from a getaway.

Andrea said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but most laptops don't survive spillage. It may be cheaper and easier to buy a new one, and if you don't have a back-up of your data, the geeks at Best Buy or almost any other computer place may be able to transfer your data as long as the hard drive is still sound. I wish you the best of luck.

Have fun on your getaway! Sounds like much-needed fun! Hubby and I are having a date tomorrow night in celebration of our birthdays. We're leaving Tree Faerie with his mom, and I'm going to TRY not to worry the whole time.

Beth said...

I'm not a fan of Apple daughter has a Mac and loves meh...not so much.

A trip WITHOUT kids?!! And you have an itinerary???!!! HUH? It's called.."stay in the hotel room, in bed, for 24 hours!" ;)

The Farmer's Wife said...

Oh dear! that video was brutal! Have fun on your trip, though!

Swishy said...

UGH. He gets extra nights with the kids for that one for SURE!

I hope you are having fun right now! I have to tell you something ... I'll call or email when you get back!