Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Little Piece of Heaven

Yesterday Scott took the day off of work so that I could go out and do whatever I wanted WITHOUT THE KIDS!! Oh my gosh, I couldn't decide what to do first. Well, first actually I had to take Kirye in to get his ear checked out. He has had ear infection after ear infection. Poor little guy. So, this last one has cleared up, but if it is like the past, he will get another one in a few days. Both Scott and I had bad ear infections as kids, and I even had tubes. Hopefully he will outgrow this and won't have to get tubes. Anyway...where was I...oh, so I took him to the dr. and then we made a quick trip to Costco for mega packs of diapers and wipes. My life is so interesting. After that Scott met me and took the kids and I went to lunch by MYSELF. It was so nice. I just sat there and read the paper and enjoyed my meal without having to clean a messy 2 year old or cut up any food or get a sippy cup of juice. It was lovely. Then I went and got a pedicure. Oh my gosh...I haven't had one since Kirye was born, over 4 months ago. Oh, it was soooo relaxing. I just read People magazine and sat there in the awesome massage chair. I wish I could do that every week. My feet look so pretty now. I should take a picture. I think I will!

After my pedicure I went to the grocery store because anyone that has kids knows how hard it is to go grocery shopping with them. Ryley likes to open whatever I put in the cart (including brown sugar) and start eating it. So, I always end up hiding items on top of Kirye. I'm sure I am violating some kind of child abuse law.

After the grocery store I came home, put my ear plugs in and took a nap. Overall it was a great day. I did not, however, have a great night. I was in and out of bed at least 7 times in the night with the baby. I wish I knew what was going on with him!

So, here are some recent pictures of Kirye and Ryley. We had a friend come over on his motorcycle and Ryley tried his helmet on. It was so funny because she would tip over from the weight of it!
Ewww....I just clicked on the picture of my feet and you can see the dog hair on our carpet. I need to vacuum!


Swishy said...

OK, I know this is weird, but ... I TOTALLY RECOGNIZE YOUR FEET! Isn't that funny? I am totally laughing, but I do! They look awesome!

XYZinn said...

HA HA HA! Swishy that is so funny! I wonder if you would be able to pick them out of a line up!!

Manic Mom said...

Cute toes, cute baby, cute biker. You have got it going on girlfriend!

And hey to swish up there!

Patti said...

just so you know...i loves me some bb8, although i have been a fan since the beginning.

here from manic...

Beth said...

I likey the feet! I have never had a pedicure...I know..I'm so deprived...I'm weird about people touching my feet and about feet in general. But yours are very pretty.