Friday, February 27, 2009

I wish I could sing like Allison

Do you ever wish you could sing like an American Idol? I do...all the time. I wish I could sing like Allison. She has such an amazing voice for only being 16 years old. I like to turn the tv up really loud (so I can't hear my own voice) and sing along with the contestants and pretend that it's me up on the stage. Randy will call me Dog, and Simon will tell me it was absolutely, positively, the best he's heard all night!

Here's Allison's voice:


Swishy said...

I TOTALLY DO THAT! And in the car, I will turn it up really loud and sing for real. Once I taped it thinking I would sound SO GREAT with the other person's voice guiding me along ... ooooh, not so much. HA.

emH said...

The mysterious life of Jill, the rock star! (unless this is Scott posting, and then WOW, that would be interesting :)) You are truly one of my heros.